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Mon, May. 6th, 2002, 09:13 am

seeing evan's post from a few back reminds me of bad things. i've been trying to get ahold of the new notwist cd for at least a few months now and have had no luck...can anyone point me to an online(i admit i may have been too busy to look extensively) source or give me a link to a ripped copy?(in mp3)...

feeling dejected and a little worried about the coming 48 hours...

Mon, May. 6th, 2002 10:13 am (UTC)

Send me IM

Mon, May. 6th, 2002 03:25 pm (UTC)

I already have it up, I'll give you both the url.

Mon, May. 6th, 2002 03:26 pm (UTC)


Ryan, get also the Sage Francis album. He's captain of some important Slam team in NYC and really amazing. Them is amazing too, much more poetic but not as spoken-word-y, reminds me more of the stuff you write.

I'm deleting this comment after I post it so don't delete this mail otherwise you'll lose the URL. :)