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Tue, Dec. 18th, 2001, 01:44 am
a full day

went and hung out with evan for quite a while, and he turned 21. didn't buy a new keyboard, so my return key is still out of order, but we saw cool stuff like an lcd touch pad...mmm...what i've been wishing for. $1900 though : /
then we went to sushi with quan and his friend quoc(sp?) in lake city.

after i collected my computer and whatnot from evan's i went to dante's where i hung out with pat, brad, brendan, ton3, dan3 and a bunch of other people i hadn't met before...i'm sure patrick will have some more extensive list. i argued with brendan over the validity of pro wrestling and we had a good time nitpicking it...very amusing :)

anyways, i'm home now and i think i am going to open my blinds and go to sleep(to wake when the sun comes up, or at least naturally).