Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn


LIZ posted this, and I figured it should spread. I am also interested in seeing people while I have the chance. ;)

TWO NIGHTS AND TWO NIGHTS ONLY!! [21 Nov 2001|02:06pm] Do you like me? Would you be interesting in hanging out with me again? Would you like to meet me?

Good people of the Seattle metro, now is your chance!

I'm in Issaquah for Thanksgiving with Ryan and his family. We should hang out once I'm finished stuffing myself. Call my cell at 503-351-8214 (it's long distance, but I can call you back) or call Ryan's house at 425-392-3785. The only things I have scheduled are
-gorging myself, about 4:00
-playing park football with Ayva tomorrow morning

We're leaving early Saturday morning, because Reed students have to study/play pick-up rugby. Act fast!
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