Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Death of a Salesman

DigitlEdge (12:23 AM): i was thinking about buying a 4-track and recording a solo album just for me
holyloki (12:23 AM): more crying...that's what your music needs
DigitlEdge (12:23 AM): over a few months. Just me and a guitar
DigitlEdge (12:24 AM): haha, dude im emo as it is
holyloki (12:24 AM): that sounds cool
DigitlEdge (12:24 AM): more crying + screaming
DigitlEdge (12:24 AM): at the same time
holyloki (12:24 AM): hehe
holyloki (12:24 AM): hehe
DigitlEdge (12:24 AM): scream-o
DigitlEdge (12:24 AM): i love that term
holyloki (12:24 AM): like in that one korn song
DigitlEdge (12:24 AM): HAHAHA
DigitlEdge (12:24 AM): i was thinking that actually
holyloki (12:24 AM): where he's screaming and sobbing at his dad
DigitlEdge (12:24 AM): but feeling guilty about knowing its existance
DigitlEdge (12:24 AM): yes
holyloki (12:24 AM): hehe
DigitlEdge (12:24 AM): FATHER
DigitlEdge (12:24 AM): bah
DigitlEdge (12:24 AM): middle school stylie
holyloki (12:24 AM): that's a great album
DigitlEdge (12:25 AM): it is actually
DigitlEdge (12:25 AM): but sshhh
DigitlEdge (12:25 AM): i will LOSE MY INDIE CRED
holyloki (12:25 AM): i don't really like their other stuff but i thought that one was great and raw
holyloki (12:25 AM): hehe
DigitlEdge (12:25 AM): yes, i still have that album
holyloki (12:25 AM): i'll have to take your indie rock id card now please sirt
DigitlEdge (12:25 AM): NO!
DigitlEdge (12:25 AM): (and you white belt)
holyloki (12:25 AM): hand it over, it bounced
DigitlEdge (12:25 AM): (please shave your sideburns)
holyloki (12:25 AM): [cuts card and belt in half] soorry sir
DigitlEdge (12:25 AM): (and cut your hair)
DigitlEdge (12:25 AM): awww
holyloki (12:25 AM): hehe
DigitlEdge (12:25 AM): cries

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