Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

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the world

is going on around me.

There was a party in my dorm area last night, they were spinning trance so loud I could hear it all the way across campus. It sounded like a party in the woods sounds from halfway across the grounds, and I had to ask them to turn it down since the dorms this took place at are right on the corner of campus and I'm sure the neighbors weren't very happy with the music, or, noise if they will.

A freshman was doing whip-its right next to the turntables and I joined a couple times, and this other guy came up and showed us the coolant residue(what I found ti was just now) that gets left on there from the factory. In researching this I did find that only one brand is really supposedly trusted for any use, whipped cream or not and that this is isi. I don't know that I'm interested or wealthy enough to go in on this, but it is compelling. hrm.

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