Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

the first day of school

the freshlings have made me proud.

everything went well yesterday. at just before 5 no one was around and then like a wave, they ALL came back and we had out first meeting. i had rushed out to get jelly beans and tried to have them play the game where they take some and tell something about themselves for each one they take. i was surprised that more of them didn't know the game, but it worked well enough and it loosened them up and the rest of the meeting went really well. we talked about the cat and all that and it was good. then we went to dinner and everyone chilled and talked and i think i got some dirty looks from one of the RAs for having a beer. heheh. plus, carlos is coming back. that's where i got the beer. then we were almost late to the area group gathering before our caring communities talk, but on time after all and then we had a productive discussion in our social room...i think it got them thinking about the honor principle at least.
afterwards we went to the ice cream social and everyone sort of split up for a while...the Pope(elected position in Reed government) came out and ranted about souls and the fires of hell. drank a beer, talked about the outside world and its evils and whatnot. he went on just a little too long and people got bored, some were considering ambushing him. some of the freshlings stayed longer than others, and then a bunch of them and some other non-dormies came with me to the hotcake house. it was a good way to end the evening and i went back tired and satisfied and fell asleep very soon after arriving.

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