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Tue, Aug. 7th, 2001, 03:41 pm
Directions to my place for the concert-

ùTake I-5 South.
ùAfter going into Portland take the Lake Oswego exit.
ùGet in the right hand lane to continue following the signs to Lake Oswego and to get onto Macdam boulevard.
ùTake a merging right onto Macadam
ùGo down Macadam until you see signs splitting into the Sellwood Bridge and Lake Oswego, take the Sellwood Bridge.
ùTake a right on 17th Ave.
ùTake a left on Harney and follow it all the way until yu hit a dead end. My house is on the left and I live in the bungalow across the stream out back.

Call if you have any problems- 503-233-7918