Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn


i think, that i can tell the difference between good poems and slam poems and good slam poems after a bit more exposure. these people were good, and inspired me to at least memorize my pieces, and, i think i will write more. i have no exposure where i am, and it is unfortunate that no one i know is more into writing. i like the idea of performing poetry, but also having it be able to stand alone, and some of what i heard tonight could do it. i was impressed and maybe even aspire to adding to my approach and maybe considering trying to form a team or finding one for upcoming years. who knows...maybe i'll like this more when i find people who aren't just amatures belting out crap with emphasis.

also, this guy cr was an amazing beatboxer, and i wasn't sure whether he would consider it slam, but it was amazing and it was combined with poetry. he beatboxed through a harmonica and at one point did this rapid beat thing with a tone from the harmonica and it was absolutely amazing. yes, i hope he is there again.
and, some girl from alaska did a waitress poem. i think you might find that of interest if you are liz.

I will be returning. maybe i'll be foregoing sleep for a few days to take in as much of all this as possible, because i'd really like to investigate, even if it is to reject.

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