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Daniel Johnston and other Bumbershoot pleasures/things of notice

Daniel Johnston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear, every time I get really into someone they show up at Bumbershoot just afterwards! Sometimes they cancel though. : / [crosses fingers]

whoa-Lisa Steinman...hah. i will go see her if i can. hah, teachar!

ooh...this should be good...Bahamadia :the epitome, of MCs : )

YES! David Cross!

ROCK : ) Rev. Horton Heat is fun. Reliving this will be great.

Five Fingers of Funk have played at Reed, I hear they're good.

Rock again! Jeffrey McDaniel is amazing, you guys should check him out.

Another can't wait for event. Rollins band returns from the dead. This should be cool. :)

Hana was good a couple years ago, I think I'll try to check this out too...(btw, I'm not loking at times when referring these, I may be referring things that coexist...but I hope not)

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