Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

construction of the day

I worked on some painting today, and I realized that I've been working within too much of a constricted framework. The piece I started with was working away from that framework, and the next was almost completely freeform, although ithin the frameork of rgb I have been playing with. It wasn't the color play I found to be less appealing, but the manner of production. The first piece I was using tape to block off parts and the next i just painted these concentric "circles" on and tried to match and seperate on the consecutive pieces of glass. It will be good to see how they turn out. More like the first blocks of color I did in its freely painted manner.

I also received an email from my mom last night about the national poetry slam which is taking pace in seattle. I just may be inclined to come up earlier than friday(which I was planning on for Hedwig) in order to catch some of the events. The 24 hr open mic at the Hurricane sounds amusing. I predict many unwary Hurricane visitors to pop in and be surprised by the event. Although, I imagine it might be sparsely attended to, and that the mic will be completely open at some points. Heheh...

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