Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Weekend Update with ryan dunn(doesn't quite work does it?)

Drove with Meena up to Seattle and proceeded to pick up Evan, go get food and then head to Erik's for Fear and Loathing. There I kicked some ass at tetris and met Brendon (mobley). Afterwards, and somewhat during, talk of drugs was obviously had and there were only a few of us who had done them...and education of a sort was needed.

The LJ BBQ was amusing and also a bit scary, I must say. Fun over all though. :) I am not even going to try to list all the attendees. Hopefully they have done this for themselves somewhere.

Afterwards was Erin's party. Hung out with a bunch of Erin's friends and it was actually pretty fun. I got to spend some quality time with Pat too, which was primo.

The next day I woke up late and hung around for a while waiting for two things. Leah's birthday party which was fun, and for Liz to get done with work, which was also good. I called her and we talked for a while. I ended up being a bit late to the party, but I don't think I missed too much.

Monday was fun. First I got up groggy and drove to Seattle (no really it gets good) and went to Ayva's(cyania) house, where she woke up the boy she's seeing and we all drove out to this restaurant, decided it was too expensive and that we wanted breakfast even though they weren't serving it and so we went to Beth's. It was good that I got to go to Beth's, because Ayva said it is being sold, so who knows what will happen to it. Had to get one last meal in. John was a cool guy too, I thought he had a good sense of humor. Then we went back to her house, talked for a bit about things like how Atom is a drug dealer, and how everyone Ayva knows named Adam is a drug dealer. I could hardly stop from laughing or telling her the truth...it is too amusing. :)

Then I went to Evan's and we(Evan and Meena and I) went to see Final Fantasy with Atom, Abel, Kelly and Justin. It was impressive graphically, and met my expectations, but as I had expected on the other side was that the plot would be lacking. Then we went to Red Robin, home of the joint smoking bird, and I ate again. Too much food yesterday. Too much. Walked back to Evan's and later meena and I headed out. Got home, fixed my house's computer to use the net(they had been using mine) watched American Psycho, was less impressed upon reassessment and then played Alice, which had arrived in the mail while I was gone. :D

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