Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

What has been happening?

Friday was an interview, only spoiled by a commitment.
Then it was a trip of a different sort as the aspects of the world spilled out of their perspectival frames.
Next I was witness to the most beaming expression of which I've ever had the enlightened pleasure, and which I would later vow to exceed.
Saturday was automobile tires and liscencing my car for the road, unwittingly giving Pat a puzzle to solve, which he did nicely.
It was also writing letters of a greater plane than maybe was called for, but which was outpoured, and intentional.
It was the night of dinner for 4...teen, and armies of peeps were strategized over scalding hot chai.
Next was the struggle of a toy, the replacement of fault with determination, undying, real.
In the late evening it was sitting at the counter, coffee, cigarettes while walking, discussion, better conversation than I've had with any of my friends in a while...I'll treasure that.

Today I woke to a gunshot somewhere in the valley. 3:38.

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