Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Well, I'm back...and the party was, well, alright. It got shut down last night at 12:20 by the cops, and they made us turn the music off until 8am. Lame...so we went and slept, and then I woke around 10 maybe and wrapped up my sleeping bag since it was raining and I had already ignored it too much. The music was good otherwise, and the time was fun. Oh, and I picked up these two hitch hikers on my way up, who pretty obviously looked like they were going to the party...they were kind of sketchy, and only later did I find out some guy was complaining that the first kid smoked all his weed, and that they were pestering people for drugs. Heh.
I, however, kept wishing you could have been there...but not obsessively, just sort of thinking every so often how nice it would be to see you.

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