Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

erg...so, im going to give it another shot...but i need sleep...i only got about 3 hrs sleep in the last 24...OH MY, I FORGOT to mention that i ordered my digital camera :) how could i forget that...it is very important...and everyone needs to mark the weekend after next on their calendar...you all need to come down for Renn Fayre...either get here friday or saturday night, you will all love it...and no, it's not really a rennaisance fair..it's one of the largest parties in the country...was ranked for it once :) it's nuts basically. you all are invited...mail me for details/directions nearer to the event...i'll repost my email closer to the date but here it is now holyloki@deathsdoor.com yay fun :) i hope my camera is here by then :)

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