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Wed, Jun. 20th, 2001, 12:31 am

I finally changed the color scheme for my journal. What do you think?

Wed, Jun. 20th, 2001 12:36 am (UTC)

nice...and your hair cut! i've gotta see it up close and in person, because you look completely different in your lj picture.

Wed, Jun. 20th, 2001 01:42 am (UTC)
holyloki: Re:

Yeah, we should go get coffee or food or something.

Wed, Jun. 20th, 2001 01:10 am (UTC)

i like it, very simple and easy to read.. i prefer simple and understated themes.. or just white. as you could probably tell from my journal. ;)

Wed, Jun. 20th, 2001 01:45 am (UTC)
holyloki: Re:

Yes, your journal is nice that way...I agree about simplicity.
I think I still need to lighten the colors a bit, but I think I'll wait until I actually get sick of it. I left the colors the way they were for so long because I just didn't really want to bother. My new pic inspired me to change the scheme though.