Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

And now, I've called Jeremy and Meena.
Jeremy is still along the lines I sort of thought he was...looking at buying a house as an investment, and living with Ashley and some other guy, but if that doesn't go through he may be into adding Liz and I to this. He is also planning on watching more films tonight, maybe a silent film, should be good.
Consecutively, I called Meena, and she has no plans for today, so I think we will hang out later once I finish some things and maybe go in for my interview depending on whether I'm tired[2 or maybe less hours of sleep last night] and whether I get my resume printed and get to the library to look for books on mummification in time to go there. Should be an eventful day.
Now I am off to execute[let's hope against double meaning] my plans.
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