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Sun, Jun. 3rd, 2001, 09:52 pm

pyrramuse (9:45 PM): i'm not really going to leave you for david bowie
holyloki (9:46 PM): :D
holyloki (9:46 PM): thta's nice of you
holyloki (9:46 PM): are you doing it to be nice to me or because you love me more than david bowie
pyrramuse (9:46 PM): i don't know..what do you think?
holyloki (9:47 PM): If Bowie asked me to marry him I'd say, "David, I really really like you, but I wouldn't want to hurt you...can we just be friends?"
holyloki (9:47 PM): I don't know, you tell me
pyrramuse (9:47 PM): you wouldnt leave me for David Bowie?
holyloki (9:47 PM): [shakes]
pyrramuse (9:48 PM): you wouldn't even be tempted?
holyloki (9:48 PM): well....maybe.
holyloki (9:48 PM): ;)
holyloki (9:48 PM): it IS David Bowie...
holyloki (9:49 PM): I mean, we'd get to the point where he'd ask me to marry him, but I'd never let it get serious, he'd just get that desperate
pyrramuse (9:49 PM): oh.
holyloki (9:50 PM): Because, really, I mean, even you said so...I'm hot y'know?
holyloki (9:50 PM): David Bowie can't resist me