Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Finally awake.
It's strange, my roommate's phone rang again, exactly at noon. I asked him if there might be some kind of alarm on it and he said no, he thought maybe there might be some kind of electrical surge. I'm inerested in why this might happen...so odd.
If only today weren't saturday I could do some of the calling I need to do:

1) My bosses, the parents of Brian, the kid I will be nannying this summer to try to solidify a schedule and pay and whatnot...I'm kind of concerned that they haven't solidified anything with me yet...I don't even know where exactly I'm supposed to be the first day I'm supposed to be working for them and they haven't even met me yet...very odd...I think I'd want to meet the person who would be taking care of my child.

2) Nikon, to see if I may still be able to get them to fix my camera, even though I'm 20 days past the year...I paid a lot of money for this camera, haven'treally had any time to deal with having it sent away and warranty and whatnot with the end of school, and it has two broken pixels now...permanently...I'm really unhappy with that.

I keep thinking there are more things I need to do, but maybe they aren't calls...

The phone is waaay too prevalent in my life right now.

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