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Eleanor Hippy and the Frat Boys Who Only Wanted Their Dicks to Glow in the Blacklight.

Ok, ok so last night was a great time. Surprising and amusing and lingering.

I suppose I should start at the beginning of the evening rather than what my first comment wanted to be...even though I know people end up skimming and missing the important parts of long posts (don't whine, you know you do it).

Anyways, I begin almost immediately after my last post, having left a message on Liz's answering machine after I broke.

Liz called, and it was really nice to get to talk to her...I really do miss her. We talked for about an hour and a half, talking about various things, details of the past week and playing the Oh-so-too-often-mocked-phrases-of-lovers game. In self mockery, "No I love you more!" & "No you're cuter!" & "Keepin' it real!" & "I got boardwalk and parkplace!!" Then Carley called and I let Liz and Carley talk by placing the two phones together, and Carley was totally confused, and we had to clear it up that Liz was in NH...hehe, silly Carley. : )

Proceeded to Adam's whence the three of us drove to FolkLife, where we played the Who Can See the Most People They Know game, and I sang "All the dirty hippies, where do they all come from?" to the tune of Eleanor Rigby. The funniest thing ever. ;)

It got a bit late and FolkLife was losing its charm, so we headed back to Adam's where we killed time until Julia's party. I finished figuring out the intricacies of landing tricks in Pro Skater, which had for some reason eluded me before, and then we walked. Got to the party and looked for Julia, found her boyfriend Adrian by accident and he went and looked for her and then disappeared and we finally found her in the "kitchen" and had our "oh my god! I haven't seen you in so long!"s, ala FolkLife/Bumbershoot. But, really, it was good to see her again, and I missed her. It really is too bad that drama messed everything up, and honestly, it was drama, what it spawned, and not much else.

While sitting in a room by ourselves, the dynamic trio of hippy, graver, and scary guy, and preparing for the hippy to leave, Reg materialized down the stairs and we suddenly had a reason to stay and a more comfortable reason than just Julia who had a whole house full of friends to entertain and whatnot. So, Adam and I hung out with Reg, heard Adrian spin, I drank a little beer, we hung out outside and talked, and generally had a great evening.

I have never been to a party where it was broken up by the cops, but I just lost that particular form of virginity. I wasn't kicked out as I was able to chill up in Reg's friend Keene's room with people and just wait it out, but it was interesting nonetheless. I sat downstairs with Beth, whom I met when Julia and others came down the Portland area last year while we were waiting for the verdict to come through from the cops and we chatted a bit more after I had introduced myself earlier and refamiliarized her with who I was. I think her and Julia may come to Portland some time to visit, as Beth is her roommate and from the Portland area.

After the cops left and everything was chill and the party was over, Adam and Reg and I were inspired and walked to Denny's. Whereupon, Reg dropped his mom's credit card and Krier picked it up and reasonably asked for Reg to get hs ID to confirm his last name was Campbell, Reg's ID conveniently being back in his car by Keene/Adrian/Paula and whoever else's house that I didn't meet last night. Reg returned, we left a monster tip for Krier and went our separate ways, Reg to his car and Adam and I back over to his place where we sat on the steps and talked about being tired, and how a work-free summer would be profitable and also how it would need to be handled so as not to get out of hand. I think that was good...I really appreciate my friends more and more whenever I see them.

I hope to hang out with Adam and Reg again tonight possibly, and based on dinner with my family and fixing my car, time may work in my favor, but we will see. As it is only 2:08 now, I think things may play in my favor.

Now I receive a call from my sister, and I will retrieve her from her friend's house.

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