Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Interesting/Notable things I did today:

1. I let Rawr sit in the sun for quite a while, I think he liked it.
2. Continued to back up all my stuff on my hard drive...figuring out what to keep and what to toss has been a reoccurring theme lately.
3. I took a shower.
4. Went to phon-a-thon, talked to some interesting people, including a man from the class of '59 who worked for IBM and Lockheed Martin who told me about beer in the Canyon, the Police and their much more friendly tactics back at Old Reed, and how the student body is on file as legally incorporated. I have some investigating to do related to that.
5. I won the shift prize for the PAT[what I will call the phon-a-thon from now on..."PAT" is much easier to type], I think if I win again I will tell Shannon not to give it to me if I win again...I don't want to be lame, plus there's nothing in the prize basket I want anymore... : P
6. Went to the Garden House. Ate rice with Jeremy, the LiveJournal scoffer, and then went and talked to Ashley, and her, Jeremy and I sat and talked for a while before she went to take a shower and J and I left, to wait for her to finish before we could start the film of the day.
7. Watched an amazing film, which I already posted about.
8. Checked my mail and got 4 items:3 money items, 1 envelope of art history papers. Money is good.
9. Talked to Pat, then almost closed AIM and went to bed.
10. Talking to Liz. : )

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