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Sun, May. 20th, 2001, 09:17 pm
phon-a-thon is my bitch

I won it all tonight. Yes, yes I did.
Count it:
One mini etch-a-sketch
One egg of silly putty
One lottery ticket[which lost]
I had 4 certain pledges and 3 non-specified pledges. It doesn't sound so hot, but when you consider we were calling all the bitch-asses who have avoided helping out at all for basically forever, well...I rocked. I made $140+ for Reed...it all depends on those non-specifieds...

OH, and YOU...where are you? Home I hope...I was going to call you to practice my phon-a-thon skilz, but I forgot your number at my house and I couldn't find a directory anywhere... : /

Well, off from the IRCs...homeward, homeward.