Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

got the new david byrne album.
listening and assessing :)

earlier, i woke late for my meeting with my hum prof, and we laughed about how I'm a "consistent" student. : P hehe...at least he's nice to me and doesn't seem to care too much...
then i was finished up with my drawings for art and walked almost all the way over there only to realize i didn't have my latest piece, and i had to go back and get the glass pieces[i don't have slides for another reason-too much money] and the other slides i presented...and go get keys and get slide projectors...ack. then i arrive only to have the slide room occupied and i son't use any of that. i would have had slides, but my teacher, who proposed reimbursement didn't reply the second time and i didn't know if he thought 30 dollars was reasonable or not. so i didn't send off the files today. i won't have slides, unless they do them for not too much more on the less notice...we'll see...
so not only was I a consistent Hum student, I was a consistent student overall. ack.
hey, at least i finally bought crickets for rawr... : /

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