Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn


It is really fucking amazing and beautiful how we can all get along and communicate with each other with only the slightest sharing of information. It is Really important to keep this clear. As we move along and interact with each other, the slightest things can occur to change how we perceive our world, the slightest things can become the greatest. Functioning within this whole, while not consuming, must be seen as an amazing celebration of us.

Everything we do and say in our struggle to live every day is a celebration of the human race's ability to produce amazing things. The reason why we have all our rules and order is to satisfy our wish to be assured that we are great as not only a civilization but as individuals as well, and finding a striking difference between those two halves is what we call life.
I am going to cut this short because I need to go outside, get water or something...but I'm sure I will consider these things further.

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