Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

Today was about contradiction...maybe.

So, I woke up and went to church this morning...I almost can't believe I was able to rouse myself at 8, well, it actually took a while...I was dead tired.
But, to get to the interesting bit, liz, meg, and I went to the most hippy Catholic Church in existence, it must have been, only in Oregon I say. There were rainbows on the bible and the priest's robe, there was a woman helping as the deacon/altar server/whatever hippy female participating in the mass who had this gold sleeved shirt on, with a long clothy white skirt and birkenstocks, the music was tinkered with, but ineffectively, and the sort of behavior and petitions which were witnessed were outrageous in the context of typical Catholic churches. The sign of peace went on for forever, nothing wrong with community although I get the feeling about these things that they are self-pleasing. We discussed on the way home how it was surprising that all the instances of "Father" "God" and other such titles were not changed to "Nader" or "Ralph".

Almighty Ralph and Nader, Ra-alph Christ!

We went back to Reed, where I attended the editing meeting for Small Press Collective, which had an excellent turnout, but dwindling, as I and others had to leave early, however the first part was very quick and productive, I don't imagine it took too much longer after I left.

I had to leave to go to Tabitha's Easter party, which was excellent, and oh, I slept for forever once Liz and I finally made it back to the dorm, where e crashed as our bodies digested the immense amount of [excellent, very excellent] mmmfood which we ate at her house.

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