Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

A couple things...

SALT SPRINGS, WA. The Center for Disease Control released a statement Sunday afternoon warning residents of a toxic airborne particle of unknown origin. The geographical source of the toxin appears to be the Oswald Space Lab, and it is believed to be responsible for the irreparable nerve damage of Franklin Worley and Justin H. Holmes-- two atmospheric gas specialists who worked at Oswald.
Other scientists in the lab, as well as a few merchants in neighboring buildings, have complained of burning eyes, backpain, and soreness in the jaws and teeth since the two scientist were found yesterday morning.
"Frankly, we're baffled," said Edwin Morlough, director of the Oswald Lab, "we've gone over each of our projects with painstaking care and yet we can't even formulate a theory on where this agent may have been introduced.
Meanwhile, residents of Salt Springs are cautious. They have been warned to watch carefully for symptoms which may indicate the presence of the toxin and to avoid oxygen-rich areas. Although there has been no official talk of evacuating the town, many businesses have been closed and it seems that many of the residents have decided to spend the week elsewhere.

Second, I've been up all night, but I've gotten my paintings done and scanned [except for the larger ones] and sent to an overnight digital to slide place. The larger pieces I fear I will have to photograph and such, since the only place I've found so far with an oversized color scanner wants to charge me $48 per scan. !@#?!@?#!?$?@!~?$#@!?$@!?#$?@#!%!?@#$%?@#!$?!?$#?!@#$?!@#$?@!#?$!@$#?!@$#?!?$@#!?$@?#$!?@$#?!@?$!?@!!!!!!
whatever...I'm going to keep looking though, and maybe somewhere else will have a more reasonable price. The other slides should look nice though, the quality is fucken ROCK. ; )

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