Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

parents and sister drove down here just to have lunch with me...stupid me i forgot the actual time of my physics conference and missed it all...now i have to figure out the homework on my own :P...i'm so out of sync with math stuff it's ridiculous...i used to be hip to it all...now, i just feel like a dolt. seeing my fam was good though...[shrug]...guess i have a lot of stuff to do tonight, including calling elizabeth and coming up with both something to do with her, and something to do for my huge Hum paper...physics homework and studying for the test tomorrow [blek]...i'm actually going to have to study : / ; greek work, and hum reading.....i'm excited about calling elizabeth though...i hope she is home when i call, i'd rather be able to talk to her than just leave a message :) anyhow...hrm, i guess it's time to read for hum, since i don't feel like doing any other of my work right now.

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