Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

directions and times.

As things look, dinner will start around 8:30. All seems to be liquid. I need to know exactly who's coming though... : / So I can make enough food. I've planned for lasagna, salad, chips/salsa and pop. Plus, if you can, potlucking a small thing to share would be cool. Call or post here.

go east on I-90
take exit 17, turn right off the exit.
go through 5 lights. it's about 3-3.5 miles from the first light to my driveway.
take a right at 113th Ave SE, the last green sign on the right right before a long stretch with a turn to the right at the end, i can put a balloon on the sign.
take a right onto the gravel road when you come to it.
go straight[down a small hill and up a small hill] and go along the fences and down the driveway you come to. there is my house.

call if you get lost.

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