Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

ok, so today was fun...went to lunch w/ Liz, Carley, Pat, Evan and Ali and then Liz and I followed Pat and when they dropped off Ali we rushed his car and gave Ali and Evan and Pat babies...woo!! Went to Goodwill where I met this woman who is having an art show at 911 Media Arts soon, she bought this projection tv they had, it wasn't priced though and so I waited around because I didn't know what too much for her was....apparently 60 bucks was not...too much for me though...I got some cool coke bottle glasses though... ; ) ...actuallly I exchanged email with her and she is going to inform me a bit about the grants 911 just got...it will be really good to know about. 3500 for a grant due the 26th, but i can't get a proposal ready that fast. I'll look into them though, and keep them in mind when I'm a poor and starving artist.

Tomorrow is my wisdom teeth extraction, at 2 I believe. Should be interesting, the doctor said it would only take about an hour, and theoretically I'll be fine to drive.

FRIDAY, I will be recovering most likely...I plan on having people over to my house to watch a movie and hang out sometime...I'm not sure what we might watch, all suggestions are welcome. Let me know if you're interested in hanging out at my place friday night, directions and rides if needed can be organized. We could even make a dinner and whatnot, that might be fun. I'm interested in an informal sh-bang... : ) Anyhow, anyone who's interested let me know. And suggest movies and maybe dinner choices.[not including red meat-vermont might have mad cow disease. : / ]


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