Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

well, think i've decided that i'm gonna call elizabeth to do something this weekend if possible :) talked tom evan for a while on irc :) that was fun and great, i always love talking to evan when we get into it :) heh, then i talked to julia on AIM for a few minutes and her "friend" was there...knew my name when i said something...too quickly...i have my suspicions. anyhow, typical julia...only interested in her selfsh wants...i've become more convinced that kim is right about the way she has become, if she wasnt that way before and i just didn't realize it...only interested in what she wants, and very much a liar and not the kind of person i want to talk to anymore the way she responded to me tonight...anyway...enough, i'm happy that i might get to hang out with elizabeth, i don't need to get into the lameness of realizing someone's inappropriate behavior. yay weekend :) ok, homework, studying for greek quizzes i need to makeup i think.

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