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Mon, Mar. 19th, 2001, 04:56 am
spazm regular -or- ape-masturbator

update: moved. stupid web updater. : P

Mon, Mar. 19th, 2001 01:18 pm (UTC)

What are you doing over in that there issaquah?

Mon, Mar. 19th, 2001 04:38 pm (UTC)
holyloki: Re:

eye yam chillun. want to drink w/janice and i later tonight? you can sit on your butt and drink... ; ] plus, i think we might go drink at my friend kevin's frat, since there is no one there over break but him and i want to hang with him as well. you or any of your roomies are welcome to come
: )
it would be a little late...not sure exactly when though