Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

the past two days

have been fun...full of hangin' wit some of my favorite people : )

first i left portland and got to kim/adam/abel/jeff/morgan's and put rawr in their house for a while...their house was cold, one of the reasons i decided to sleep at home that night, but also just because everyone was goin to bed. i hung out with people and watched the end of american beauty and then went and looked at hank with adam...i think i'm still a little wary of the thing :) even though it is my brethren[via horoscope]...abel and i went into his room and listened to brak clips...heheheh, i need to get more of those now, for sure buddy buddy buddy boybuddy baby boy boy boy boy baby buddy boy!
yesterday i got on irc, adam said he was bored so i should come out there...i said i would but i was slow, and i had to do some other stuff too. i went to get crickets for rawr and then stopped at pfl to see what pat was up to, he said his brother's play was at 7 so i said i'd go to that and try to bring adam, then i went home and fed rawr, and then cruised to the u-dist where we went to get food at the thai-ger room w/evan. i was pleased, it was good stuff[i got the phad thai], and while i wasn't hungry enough or ready for the spiciness of it it was good and i finished it later that night.
went back and went to see IHS's prodution of guys and dolls, in which tim played an excellent nicely nicely ; ) his song really was a spectacle, i'm not surprised why he was excited...i would have been too : )
then pat and i went out to adam's and abel was already there, then tony came, then mark and melissa showed up, and then finally evan and meena got there...heheh...meena was crazy yo[sleep dep], but she was totally amusing and i got to talk to her a bit more than i had at the ljparty. excellent. we got food at denny's where i proudly ordered a ridiculously priced beer and drank at denny's on st. patrick's day...i'm a certified lush. heheh
went back to adam's again where adam complained about people being loud and people played go and snake until they left or passed out. all in all a fun evening...i think i'm going to the go center tonight w/adam to to the classes. hooray, which means i need to gett going...later all, call me on my cell phone if you need to get ahold of me, i will try to check my messages 425-503-0455

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