Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

spring break

in case anyone is interested...here's what i'm doing over break:
friday- i'm returning and plan on going to adam's party, and then i have no plans for the weekend as of yet.
monday- i have to get an x-ray taken for my approaching dental work, 1:00 pm
wednesday- get a filling done. not sure what time...
thursday- this is the big one...i'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled. youch. well, hopefully it wont be so bad and i'll be up and about. i'm not going under for the operation...it should be interesting to have a piece of yourself removed while conscious of it...not that i haven't done this before, i've already had 6 teeth pulled, but not from so far back in my mouth. it's so much a a part of you when it's so far back...
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