Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn


holyloki (12:31 PM): i mean nice by bringing me food and a quest
holyloki (12:31 PM): ;)
PyrraMuse (12:31 PM): oh. oh yeah. that's what I thought you meant.
holyloki (12:32 PM): uh huh...
PyrraMuse (12:32 PM): why don't WE just go over to commons?
holyloki (12:32 PM): DUDE, i'm doing my translation
PyrraMuse (12:32 PM): right now?
holyloki (12:32 PM): [nods]
PyrraMuse (12:32 PM): mmmmmm.
PyrraMuse (12:34 PM): can you give me like 5 minutes to finish this email?
holyloki (12:34 PM): sure
holyloki (12:34 PM): :)
holyloki (12:34 PM): of course you can
PyrraMuse (12:35 PM): oh, thank you so much.
PyrraMuse (12:35 PM): [i'm totally whipped] what do you want?
holyloki (12:36 PM): mmm...tuna melt?
PyrraMuse (12:37 PM): ok.
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