Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

People disgust me.

In one sense I find this advertisement amusing in an obscene sort of way, since there seems to be no direct targetting of mainstream advertisement by extreme-feminists, and yet some girl at my school got mad at me for a poster intended to be ridiculous and mocking in its use of the phone sex ad from the portland weekly paper in order to simply cause amusement and attention to what its goal was, to have people top six coffeehaus[the open mic i run]. She sent me a defamatory email, and yet there seem to be so many more places she could direct her efforts, especially as she did not really think through her attack on me, seeing as my audience was a selective one which i know, and also that the posters which i put up were of a nature as a whole not related to my open mic. my poster read "Casual Sex" and had a picture of a woman in underwear lying on a man in underwear. Liz found the image and we thought it was funny, so I pasted the picture on paper and wrote Top [Sex] Coffeehaus. Apparently this was extremely offensive.

However, my point was not to rant about this recent occurence in my life, it was to discuss the nature of roles which we impose upon ourselves, even as a culture which claims that it desires equality for women and men, and to eliminate sexism and objectification of the [female] body. Then you get websites like women.com, and magazines like Cosmo and teen mags which perpetuate the opposite. Then the women attempting to fight for an equal, non-objectified role for women are up against a force which molds young girls from an early age to think and behave a certain way. It seems this might be what drives a lot of them to an extreme. So in the end, why doesn't anyone do anything about these sorts of things, let sites such as women.com know that they cannot portray these sorts of behaviours if they are supposed to be a site for women, let them know how hypocritical all the staff must be for being go getter women who want control in their life, that they would perpetuate such nonsense as "the men of the internet". I don't think I've seen any parallel for men. Odd on the whole. I mean, obviously the porn on the internet is primarily directed to wards men, but that does not preclude the possibility that men's sites would pull similar sorts of plots. I guess I'm not sure what my thesis would be for this post, rather that I intend to express my disgust for the lack of rational and effective expression of dissent. Disgust for feminists whom lack the insight to discern what the imporatn efforts to be made are, and what are not. Disgust for those who are uninterested in the well-being of humanity and are willing to do anything for a buck.

I find myself disgusted with much of human behaviour, but most of the time I let myself find it amusing rather than offensive. Some things just seem to lack the tact to slip by unnoticed.

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