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Sat, Jan. 20th, 2001, 12:30 am
crouching tiger, hidden dragon

i finally saw it, and yes, it was just as amazing as i was told by everyone. very much a thought provoking film, almost life changing.

Sun, Jan. 21st, 2001 07:20 pm (UTC)
equality53000: blah blah blah

ok, really. i liked it a lot...and i have yet to see it agian but...if i was half asleep when i went to see it, and i was, then it almost put me the rest of the way to sleep. humm...people are gonna hate me for saying that, huh? i liked it, i did...but something about the plot bugged me. and i need a movie where the "bad guy" is really bad, really evil...i didn't feel that way about jade fox. like i said, i think i need to see it again, so no one hurt me yet because of my comment. hehe.