Ryan Dunn (holyloki) wrote,
Ryan Dunn

an evening

Well, went out to Kim's and planned on watching flight of the navigator, but instead i got sucked into watching boston public and ally mcbeal. hrm. then jeff missed the bus twice so we were going to pick him up and i mentioned how i needed to stop by evan's so i went and did that and then hung out for a while while kim went to pick up jeff. talked about diplomacy and looked at evan's monitors which had been malfunctioning, one of which appears to be actually damaged. showed him my destop images site, which i finished, but may have to alter. i'll let you all know when i have checked it out, but all the files should be uploaded except for a few pics i found errors in and need to restuff in the complete packages. went back to kim's around 12 and watched soylent green. it was pretty good, i think it deserved the semi-hype it gets. now i'm home and talking to liz about how she's almost packed. one more day of waiting, then i get to wake and go pick her up from the airport with virtually no waiting in between...and i have lots of things to do for the time being so i'm set : )

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