July 25th, 2008

grandma ryan


So, I'm in Chicago.

Got in yesterday, unpacked everything into storage, and working on finding a place to live with my friend Colleen. I'm a little exhausted—the last couple months (6?) have been a bit crazy. I'm enjoying a day or two break until saturday when we go look at apartments.

Colleen lives with SAIC folks. Meeting them has been useful, and tomorrow I will probably go explore the city a bit more. Finding my internal compass is still on the list of to-dos, and realizing what a difference this move is going to make will certainly take some time.

Last time I was in Chicago was good, but cold. Now it's warm out and somehow I feel less like going out and establishing connection with the city. I think I'm just tired, though, and I'll get over it soon and want to leave the apartment desperately to discover what's all about.

Welcome, nice to meet you Change.