April 16th, 2008

grandma ryan


A giant technological 'friend alternative'—furry and covered in screens, outputs and 'talks to you', it encourages friendship and communion, engages in a false conversation, until the performance begins, unwitting to the audience when performer enters and begins to take a sword to the external structure of the being. it is programmed to begin emitting wails and sounds of confusion and agony. Lit aflame, the beast screams in response to the temperature, and by the time it has completely lost its softening external shell, we find a group of three small huddled children inside, frightened, and unable to touch each other even amidst this chaotic fury. The attacker retrieves them from their captive state one by one. They are still frightened, and visibly agitated by the presence of the even larger numbers of the crowd, standing, watching, wondering, without action.