March 20th, 2008

grandma ryan


Hillary Clinton has some strange 'religious' affiliations in Washington?
This looks like an interesting group, there.

Hillary's Nasty Pastorate

The Family takes credit for some of Clinton's rightward legislative tendencies, including her support for a law guaranteeing "religious freedom" in the workplace, such as for pharmacists who refuse to fill birth control prescriptions and police officers who refuse to guard abortion clinics.


The Family's most visible activity is its blandly innocuous National Prayer Breakfast, held every February in Washington. But almost all its real work goes on behind the scenes--knitting together international networks of right-wing leaders, most of them ostensibly Christian. In the 1940s, The Family reached out to former and not-so-former Nazis, and its fascination with that exemplary leader, Adolf Hitler, has continued, along with ties to a whole bestiary of murderous thugs.
grandma ryan

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Anyone else notice anything interesting about this image?

Guesses by those who don't already recognize this image as to where it's from?

Visual bias building.

Answer #2:

The New York Times