October 13th, 2007

grandma ryan

Upcoming shows in Portland, Eugene and Seattle

10/19 - Portland:

Carl Diehl's Crypto-zoetropical Pursuit, a two night two city celebration of 40 years of a fortean masterpiece, the famous Bigfoot video and video anomaly and phenomenology, along with aural crypto-zoology by Pulse Emitter and Instinct Control, and multimedia presentations by Jason Jones (Son of Sasquatch) and Universe.

On 10/20 the show will be in Eugene with Warning Broken Machine instead of Pulse Emitter.

10/27 - Seattle


Don't be such a slacker...if you have any love for me at all, come check this out. I've been working hard on this and I'd really like it if my Seattle friends would come out, at least so I can see you...