June 24th, 2007

grandma ryan

AMF + personal rambling.

Autonomous Mutant Fest starts this week. I'm leaving town monday night or tuesday morning, and it will be a welcome departure from all the things that have been weighing me down lately...

I wish I knew what to say, but the world is very tenuous, confusing, and heart-heavy. More and more I've been considering the possibility of uprooting and entirely changing my life. Some things need changing, including some parts of me.

Something is greatly resisting my efforts to simply be happy. I think for some time I've been locking up my emotions so I don't have to deal with them, and maybe ineffectively attempting to compensate. Not only am I unable to find satisfaction with my accomplishments, but I'm having difficulty moving on with projects I know I want to complete... Something is wrong, but I don't know how to cull it from the rest of my wreckage.

It doesn't help that the world is going crazy around me. A friend was committed today after being in the hospital for what she claims was a miscarriage, the second claim she's made like this, not to mention the rest of the nonsense she's been babbling...ultimately I'm glad she's getting help, even if by some kind of force.

Maybe this break into another kind of world will help for a bit, maybe I can use the time to attempt some refocusing.
grandma ryan

directions to AMF

Location & Directions to AMF 2007
the 11th Autonomous Mutant Festival

This year's AMF site is located close to Susanville, Lassen County, California. There are many routes to the festival site, but to avoid roads clogged with logging operations only directions that approch from the northwest or east are provided. If you decide to try other routes, watch out for logging trucks and roads congested by logging operations.

Please stop at a Lassen National Forest Ranger or Information Station to get a FREE camp fire permit for your camp. These are required for all fires including camp stoves.

AMF 2007 is located in Lassen National Foreset Northeast of Pegleg Mountain on both sides of the Bizz Johnson Trail and Southwest of the Susan River. The elevation is about 5,500 feet. Camps will be setup along two roads on each side of the Bizz Johnson Trail. Please park or camp completely off the road. PLEASE DO NOT PARK OR CAMP ON ANY ROADS.
This USGS TOPO Map shows the location of AMF 2007. Water is flowing in the river and there are two reserviors close by.
The two AMF 2007 camp site access roads are 30N050 and 30N055. These are unpaved Forest Service Roads. Camps will be on both sides of these roads. The directions given below will lead you to the north ends of these roads. The Bizz Johnson Trail is along a former railroad track between these two roads. The train tracks have been removed.
Private property starts to the south close to where 30N050 and 30N055 join. The property line is shown as a thick red strip in the topo map. PLEASE DO NOT CAMP IN THE PRIVATE PROPERTY AREA.

Also please read and follow the advice found in the AMF BEAR FACTS document.


From Susanville, California. (East of AMF 2007)
AMF 2007 is about 18 miles West of Susanville.

  • 1. Head west on CA-36/Main St toward Park St. Continue to follow CA-36. Go about 6 miles.
  • 2. Turn right at CA-44/Feather Lake Hwy. Go about 6.9 miles.
  • 3. Turn left at Conard Rd. Go about 4.2 miles.
  • 4. Turn left at 30N050.
  • 5. Or go another 1/4 mile Cross over the Bizz Johnson Trail. Turn left at 30N055.

From Old Station, California. (Northwest of AMF 2007)
AMF 2007 is about 43 miles Southeast of Old Station.

  • 1. Head northeast on CA-44/CA-89 toward Wander Ln. Go about 0.4 miles.
  • 2. Turn right at CA-44/Feather Lake Rd Go about 37.5 milies.
  • 3. Turn right at Conard Rd. Go about 4.2 miles.
  • 4. Turn left at 30N050.
  • 5. Or go another 1/4 mile. Cross over the Bizz Johnson Trail. Turn left at 30N055.
Google Directions from San Francisco, California to Susanville, California.
Google Directions from Eugene, Oregon to Old Station, California.

Google Directions from Reno, Nevada to Susanville, California.


  • bring enough water, food and supplies for yourself and everyone you come with. read about what to bring with you.

  • toilets will not be provided so learn how to live cleanly and comfortably in the woods.

  • clean up after yourself. leave no trace. take everything out with you that you bring in. help clean up before you leave.

  • read this important information about fire safety.

  • read the frequently asked questions