March 21st, 2007

grandma ryan

Show 3/23

Disjunct will be playing live for the first time in ~5 months.

Also, Otiose Octopi is having a release party for their new double CD

2334 E Burnside

Do NOT BYOB - Captured by Porches

Start Time: 8PM Sharp.

Argumentix (PDX)
Cepheloatomok (PDX)
Disjunct (PDX)
Emaciator (LA)
Haircut Mountain Transit (LA)
Mood Ring (PDX)
Mustaphamond (PDX)
Nkondi (PDX)
Otiose Octopi (PDX)
Paraquat (PDX)
Privy Seals (LA)
Persiflage (SEA)
Robotic Daly (PDX)
Silver Creme (PDX)