March 14th, 2007

kid drums

friday's event

reminder, here>

This coming Friday I'll be performing acrobatic feats of analog electronic surgery as Instinct Control at the monthly experimental revue, Cacophony.

See me play daring electro-accoustic music with my foot (not exclusively, mind you), catapult the divide between the physical and the sensorial, and dance wildly at the mere thought of a cyclical tide. Here's the flyer, it's a mere $5 and with $2 pbr (as well as a full bar with plenty of other goodies) and a night of fabulous eccentric entertainment to boot, how can one go wrong?

I'll be playing along side these other great acts: Okha, Animal Writes, Penetration Camp, Mortii, and Trees.

I'll be acting as visual maestro for the rest of the night as well, giving form to the formless and staggering toward the great single channel in the sky.

Someday Lounge is at 125 NW 5th Avenue, Portland