February 28th, 2007

grandma ryan

March 16th - Instinct Control @ Cacophony

Instinct Control am I. I'll be pulling the nature of instrument out of that which is intended only to retemporalize dead sound.

I promise this will be like nothing you've yet seen.

I'll have video specifically crafted for my set, and I'll probably be running video for the rest of the evening as well, though Ogo takes me for granted and doesn't ever put me on the flyers. : P


Also, in researching Brownian motion I discovered that it is studied using (and often terminologically interchangeable with) the Wiener process. I couldn't help my snickering.


And here's something pretty: grains11.mov (728Kb)
grandma ryan

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All of a sudden I find myself feeling like making more of my part in this community of content. I may start a blog on my website as well, but I will syndicate it to one of my 5 billion journals if I do. Probably cusack, since it's already an early adopter, and thusly has a history of being my site journal.

I think perhaps I will make myself write more if I just open up and stop worrying. Somehow LiveJournal has created paranoia, and perhaps I just need to let go and fucking stop worrying. Go me, for realizations and resolutions.

Speaking of resolutions, I still haven't smoked a cigarette since 2006.