September 25th, 2006

kid drums

All that info I promised...

Portland ARTIX
Saturday October 28, 2006

Gang Wizard
Smegma According to the Bio (which he wrote), Richard Meltzer is indeed still their current vocalist (thanks for the tip, Kate).
Shitty Vibe Smasher
Disjunct (You know these guys, or at least this one.)
We Quit
The Barracks of Afghanistan
Space Hawk
Drugs (couldn't find a link for sure...)
Burrito Pillow
Squid Baby

+ Visuals by Disjunct
(We have a DVD in the final stages of production.)

Starts at 8 PM Sharp!
either $6 or $7
All-ages + beer garden
First 100 people will get a free CDR comp featuring bands performing

This show is being put together by Below PDX Recordings
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     What's up with my vocabulary?


     It's because you lost your balls.


     Ah yes, the speech center of the brain.

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