September 7th, 2006

grandma ryan

an inexplicable situation

How is it that I have again found myself with no late night diner partner?

This is intolerable!

Oh well, I guess I like going on my own schedule anyhow...maybe that's why—no patience for no patience? Think I'll go read Ulysses at the Hotcake House.
grandma ryan

Light upon light

Vision, regard, you see,
your eyes low upon an evening
close, brought to know
keeping light
gets heavy. A beam here

or there lifts spirits
wild on abandon
from a material spirit.

It's in the divide brought
across from one corner of bright
assaulting lips to the other
just leaving
a stray image—inexplicable

soft longing coasts
with to without

you may not see it now,
though light is fast,
just wait.