August 22nd, 2006

grandma ryan

Disjunct Tour - Eugene, Portland, Seattle

Disjunct is going on the little road! We'll be playing Eugene, Portland, and Seattle this coming weekend:

Friday 8/25 in Eugene @ the Merkin Lounge (address/time to be appended)

Hitler's Cat
EarthQuake RetroFit
Robotic Daly

Saturday 8/26 in Portland @ Weapons of Mass Compassion Gallery - 623 NW 6th Ave
doors at 8pm

A Long Pigs Vision of the Godhead
Robotic Daly

Sunday 8/27 in Seattle @ The Baltic Room - 1207 Pine St
doors at 9pm

DJs MCVD (special guest), Cathartech, and Androidheart

No Tomorrow and Backwards NW Bring you ::::

Disjunct : PDX, : "Disjunct splits the physical and the transitory, the discrete and the expansive. Televisions and tapes, rumbles and trumpets, rationalist and transcendent, Disjunct is at once separate and contained, sound and vision. Prepare for Disjunct, or come without warning."

View : PDX :
"Out of spec vacuum tube medical apparatus coerced to carry a dialog with other electronic instruments amidst periodic barking and blathering of sundry manmade objects."

and noisepoetnobody : SEA,
"The collection and utilization of rejected, disregarded, minute and incidental sound provides the basic frame work concept for a noise poet nobody composition. Great care is taken in molding the specific frequency and phase placement of all audio both textural and forefront. Artistic emphasis is placed upon the presence of improvised performance on home crafted and found object instruments. Audio provided by these devices is also sampled, manipulated, distorted, micro selected, and sequenced by an arsenal of rack mount electronics, old MIDI, analog filtering/compression/ gain amplifiers and speaker cabinets. A soothing to disturbing showcase of real time electronics and micro-acoustics captured from solid via piezo transducer (contact microphone in the form of a thin metal disc). Most commonly associated with the music genres of experimental, IDM, industrial, avant-garde, dark-electro, Glitch, ambient, minimalism. "

with special guest DJ MCVD and resident DJS Cathartech and Androidheart

21+ doors at 9 FREEEEEEE

for info on booking please contact for info on future events please check

Backwards NW : "injecting aural abuse into your wasted lives"