June 20th, 2006

grandma ryan

do not burst

This is the way we come full circle to
accommodate the faithful desires, which,
willfully we sink with and raise again.

Somewhere a pause patiently inscribes
doubtless free weightless consideration
so easily

reveling in fluidity and mutably
settling in the unsettled

and if we're lucky enough,
finding a hole to skip through,
moment to moment,
bounding on in light soft regard,

we will float,
it will stick.
grandma ryan


Friday, Eugene NoiseFest was fun, if a little tiring (since Ogo and I played live video all night and put on a noise set). I am slightly inclined to put up some video sample of the live performance...

I tried something new with this show, which was throwing down some vocals. I sang hearty nonsensical opera, alternated with my admittedly weak trumpet skills, over the sound of grinding and warbling, with an english language learning record, hopefully to good end. I don't understand you very well.

Saturday night the Dendrites threw down for the birthday party. I admit to being a little distracted, but I could hear them from upstairs and it definitely set my mood right.

Sunday Chris and I left for the woods, and the most amazing Brazilian jazz(?) was playing on OPB. Hermeto Pascoal is one of my new favorite musicians. Finding that on the radio was a brilliant addition to our trip. If you have any of his work I'd like recommendations on where to start...

Monday was completely free of music. The sound of running water and the wind caressing tree branches into each other was quite sufficient, thank you. Oh, and all that breaking open shale in the search for fossils. The irregular movement of 'satellites' in the night sky didn't make any sound, but it did inspire some.

Tonight, some Phillip Glass, and I've been enjoying listening to this:
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