June 15th, 2006

grandma ryan


From: Perreault@aol.com
Subject: Re: please inform
Date: June 15, 2006 8:56:16 AM PDT
To: holyloki@liscentric.com

Dear Ryan.


Thanks, John Perreault

Did he really just make that joke or is it merely a coincidence?

Because, man, lately it's been coming up and groooaaaaaaan...

My name couldn't have had a good impact on my terrible love of puns.
d johnston

(no subject)

The only bit of my dream I can remember from last night consists of me being in this crappy hotel restaurant I keep finding myself in. I know there's a series of successively better restaurants on higher floors, but I'm stuck in the small one with bad service and terrible food and I don't know how I got there.

I listened to Joni Mitchell last night on my way to sleep, and it was consoling and thought provoking. My ability to deal with my emotions in a productive way is aided by a small foray into softness, and a realization that I am not as alone as I feel. I need to not let my frustrations get to me so deeply, but I know that at the same time being able to feel so deeply is a gift I should not set aside just because it isn't always appreciated. I need to reassess my tempering and timeliness.

My video paintings are coming along, but I realize I have notions I need to address within them that are being held back. Issues of transition and translation, and the reconstitution of broken compartmentalizations must be acquired.

On these notes, I have work to do.
grandma ryan




My professor's work is showing in Seattle! It's (astoundingly enough) his first major gallery show. He's that artistically stubborn (and I love him for it).
Check it out if you can. Michael's paintings are quite exceptionally their own.

Oh, and meager as it is, a few summers ago I devised and made the overlay demonstration of the elements in Michael's work shown on the gallery page. He told me they were going to use it but I hadn't seen it until now. : )