May 11th, 2006

grandma ryan

the last few months

i've been working on this...conceptually i'm pleased, and i got the type of response i wanted from the critique today, but i'm still desirous of more from the content. i have directions in mind, but any discussion is great.

anyhow, here i present you with a video painting. ideally hung on the wall in a flat panel LCD TV, but also well suited for high resolution viewing on your computer screen: transformation of utility, reconceptualizing motion.

Untitled Video Painting #01 (1024x768, < 1 sec - 8.5Mb)

Edit: Actually, I kind of forget I've been working on this project for a while since it was interrupted by frustration with my tools. This other video is done with photoshop, as opposed to layering photographic elements, but is built on the same notion. I made this video painting during the summer of '04. I have other attempts as well, but they haven't been finished, and may need to come after the paint based model.

Untitled Video Painting #00a (1024x768, < 3 sec - 3.0Mb)